Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hot Chocolate

When cavemen get cold, me like to make hot chocolate.

Godiva make good hot chocolate that cavemen like. Just because me caveman, doesn't mean me not like good things in life.

First step to make hot chocolate is remove from package. Me not have time to melt real chocolate, package of brown dust do just fine.

Pour brown dust into cup.

Now is tricky part. We need help from Giant Hand. Oh great Giant Hand, bring tribe hot water from sky.

Giant Hand always help cavemen. That reminds me, me must throw caveman in volcano to make Giant Hand happy. Me do it after hot chocolate.

Now come hard work. Cavemen must mix hot chocolate until brown dust turn to brown water.

Me doing all the work as usual. Maybe me throw two cavemen in volcano later.

Last step for making hot chocolate is to add marshmallows. Remember not to add boulders because that not taste good.

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CrystalChick said...

This was sooo funny! Of course I just go to the local Starbucks and have them make me a soy cocoa altho the powdered Godiva must be good too. LOL
Hi fellow New Jerseyan!
Regarding compost blog.... we have a garden too, tomatoes are plentiful and delish! No zukes this year tho. :(
Take care!